Gryphon Wins $26.6 Million Contract for NSWC Crane

GREENBELT, Md., July 14, 2010 – Gryphon Technologies, LC was awarded a competitive-bid $26.6 million contract by the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane, for logistics and technical support services in support of the Above Water Sensors Radar and Technologies Division (Code GXR). Gryphon Technologies will provide technical support services for repair and installation of equipment, production support and test support in the areas of ship platform level systems including combat, hull mechanical and electrical, and communication logistics and associated components in support of electronic warfare, Fire Control, search radars and communication systems for Joint and Coalition Forces.

“We are very pleased with this win which reinforces our commitment to NSWC Crane and the surrounding communities” said P.J. Braden, founder and President of Gryphon Technologies. Crane Manager and Technical Director, Clint Jacobs also commented that “We welcome the opportunity to help NSWC Crane excel in existing business areas and grow in strategic importance.”

Gryphon Technologies, LC is a premier engineering and technical services firm supporting national security and coalition forces. The company has been named one of Maryland’s 50 fastest growing technology companies.