Millennium Engineering and Integration Company

incorporated in 1995, is a privately held business with demonstrated capability to meet a broad range of customer requirements, such as systems engineering and technical analysis, integration and testing, test facility development, test and evaluation, sensor systems, software development, and program engineering management. Over half of MEI employees possess an advanced degree and 20 or more years of experience in the aerospace sector. Today the company provides expertise to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA- KI, Aegis BMD, TER, DB, SE, AS, PIA), US Navy, US Air Force, and NASA. We serve this diverse set of clients from our headquarters in Arlington, VA, in our field offices in Huntsville, AL, Colorado Springs, CO, Tucson, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, Dahlgren, VA, or onsite at customer locations. By responding to customer needs with the best talent operating in the right locations, MEI has formed strong alliances to deliver our products.