Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc. (DLBA)

is an internationally-recognized naval architecture, marine engineering, and design services company offering services for the research, development, construction and alteration of ships and craft and related maritime systems. The company specializes in the concept, detail and production design, the testing and evaluation of new or modified vessels, and construction management as well as on-site technical oversight of commercial, military and paramilitary vessels, manned and unmanned, prototype, custom and production boats. DLBA also directs complete research programs to innovate and maximize technologies that advance maritime applications including development of model testing for both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic testing.

Since 1988, Donald L. Blount and Associates (DLBA) has been involved with the design development of hull forms, propulsion system installations, auxiliary systems and structural design in accordance with classification society requirements. The design efforts range from conceptual and preliminary design, contract design, through detailed construction design packages for both new construction and vessel refit projects. This includes acting as the customer’s technical authority as they take new and refit projects to shipyards, and supporting shipyards’ production engineering needs for such projects. DLBA supports engineering contracts worldwide to a wide customer base. DLBA maintains technical responsibility for fleets of vessels allowing rapid response to client repair, logistic, and classification needs. This level of support also allows DLBA to support modernization and fleet commonality configuration control. The historical experience of meeting the needs of demanding clients of boat companies, military/commercial projects, motor yachts and repair and refit yards makes DLBA well suited to meet the requirements of this contract.

DLBA has extensive experience in the use of design and engineering software that it has used in all work packages.

DLBA is customer focused, providing a multi-functional team approach to our business practices. Our naval architects have applied extensive experience involving basic and applied research, design development, calculations, and design evaluation followed by construction support/oversight, sea trials, and eventually maintenance and repair during operation. Our contract management success is based on our proficiency in hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, dynamic stability, sea keeping, structures, arrangements, resistance and propulsion. The marine engineers are proficient in electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, control, HVAC and mechanical systems as well as design, construction, installation, and support of the systems and equipment which propel and control marine vehicles and systems which make a vessel or structure habitable for crew, passengers and cargo. We are experienced with a full spectrum of propulsion systems from diesel to gas turbine engines and water jet, surface propellers, and fully submerged propellers. We provide unique services for construction yards, production builders, boat and ship owners, other design firms and consultancies, equipment manufacturers, navies and governments and received D& B Open Ratings feedback at 95%. This strong technical foundation is combined with our proven naval architecture, marine engineering, and design services management practices. DLBA has a broad network of highly respected vendors available also. The diversity of our staff allows DLBA to be agile and responsive to tasks worldwide.

As a full service professional naval architecture and marine services organization, DLBA fully addresses the functional areas listed.