ORBIS Sibro, Inc. (dba ORBIS)

is an ISO-9000 certified, customer-focused company with a proud record of providing exceptional service and technical support to DoD and commercial clients. We are a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), with corporate headquarters in Charleston, SC and regional business units located at the Washington DC Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH, and Norfolk, VA. ORBIS has been supporting numerous U. S. Navy logistics programs providing full life-cycle logistics engineering support to acquisition and in-service programs for over 13 years. This includes:

  • Class Maintenance Plans – Development & Maintenance
  • Availability Work Packages – Development & Maintenance
  • Maintenance Planning Strategies – Class Maintenance Planning (CMP) Tool
  • Planned Maintenance Systems Development
  • System Design Integration and Implementation
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance – CMP Development

ORBIS provides a full range of logistic services from the development of policy, requirements definition, program acquisition, and modernization to actual fielding of hardware equipment upgrades. This full life-cycle support brings value to the fleet and ensures customer success. ORBIS performs business and system analysis, relational Database Administration, creates/modifies programs and interfaces, assures quality, develops reports and delivers digitally-signed, regression tested, compiled code.

ORBIS has extensive recent and relevant experience supporting Navy customers including Program Executive Office Submarines (PEO SUB), SEA04, PEO Integrated Warfare System (PEO IWS), PEO Ships, PEO Littoral Warfare Navy Labs, and public and private shipyards. ORBIS’ experienced professionals represent a high-capability/low-risk approach to providing superior services.

ORBIS is a dedicated, customer-focused team. Our diverse and proven team is proud of our excellent past performance and maintains a work ethic second to none. ORBIS personnel have been recognized numerous times for various achievements in technical support and quality assurance.