Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. (LCE)

was awarded contract N00178-04-D-4077 to support the combined Warfare Center SEAPORT Enhanced in all seven zones by providing engineering, technical, and programmatic support services.
LCE has demonstrated verifiable and recent experience supporting many Warfare Center Divisions, NAVSEA, Type Commanders, public and private shipyards, as well as many other Navy and DOD engineering and logistics activities. Recent tasking ranges from small, single man, on-site efforts, to large multi-million dollar projects that encompass “cradle to grave” support for specific HM&E and combat systems and equipment. LCE offers a full scope of services from large-scale computing and software resources, to heavy duty manufacturing capability. Within the past three years, LCE and its team members have provided professional technical support to every major activity outlined in the solicitation from Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, DC to NSWC Corona, and has completed well over 1,000 separate task orders under numerous delivery orders. This work has included Research and Development projects, waterfront installations, software development and implementation, shipboard and shore side training, warehousing, program management, ILS support, engineering and design, inactive ship maintenance, human factors engineering, combat systems development and in-service support, weapons launching and handling systems, as well as many other types of Department of the Navy contract support. Platforms supported have included all U.S. Navy ships, all MSC ships, and numerous USCG afloat assets.