Dayton T. Brown Inc.,

a Small Business, is an engineering, testing, and technical services corporation based on Long Island. DTB possesses one of the most comprehensive independent engineering and testing facilities available in the U.S.

The DTB Engineering and Test (E&T) Division was established in 1952 to perform quality assurance testing of armament and life support equipment, originally for the U.S. Navy. The E&T Division is an independent project management oriented organization, whose existing management system was developed to accommodate over 2,000 engineering and test programs per year. These projects range from a brief test or evaluation, to a complex support engineering, research and development program of many years duration.

DTB provides services in diverse engineering disciplines for military, government, and commercial requirements. Services provided include testing and evaluations, product assurance, failure analysis, instrumentation design, reverse engineering, prototyping, small arms and armor testing, and design and fabrication of test facilities and test fixtures.