CoreLogis, LLC

starts each engagement focused on delivering value impact supported through supply chain initiatives.

Decades of working with ambitious yet tightly funded start-ups, renowned low-cost industry leaders, highly visible public entities have trained CoreLogis professionals to be attuned to the business case of supply chain operations. That means eradicating corporate waste, fine-tuning productivity or opening doors to new revenue opportunities via supply chain optimization. Honing in on the outcome of supply chain improvements is central to CoreLogis’ DNA.

Executive Visioning is a process deployed by CoreLogis to align inventory stakeholders to common goals. From that point, a fully integrated supply chain performance plan is created to links goals to tactical, daily performance. Specific and quantifiable objectives are articulated and baseline measurements are established in view of go-forward benchmarks and deliverables.

CoreLogis technologists evaluate the company’s current systems, infrastructure and architecture to determine capacity to meet present and future performance requirements.

Warehouse, inventory, transportation, and yard management systems are rated based on their stand-alone value in supporting specific supply chain functions. They are also graded on their ability to operate within complex enterprise technology systems. Gaps in protocol and documentation, language and coding requirements, network capacity and capability as well as processes and workflows are all appraised. Recommendations are provided to strengthen asset management for today and into the future.