is a multi-faceted information technology services organization, focusing on four primary areas of business in support of government agencies, institutions, and commercial organizations.

First, we provide system engineering and technical services, and prepare documentation to facilitate the design, development, and integration of information technology applications into electronic data processing and information distribution systems, command and control systems, communications, sensor and surveillance systems, and biometric and medical systems.

Second, we provide specialized technical services, including requirements analysis; design, selection, and procurement of hardware and software from qualified vendors; integration and installation of enterprise-wide computing network solutions, including local area networks and wide area networks; packaging and cabinet integration; asset management; and integration and installation of central office network switching modules for public networks.

Third, we provide technical and engineering services for installation and implementation of cable plant distribution systems for high speed data, voice, and video applications, including air blown fiber, conventional fiber, and Category 5 UTP cable, as well as installation in asbestos environments, and classified/secure cable plant applications.

Fourth, we provide information technology to training services, including development of interactive courseware computer-based training, distance learning, multi-media applications, tele-training, and web-based training.