American Electronics, Inc. (Amelex)

American Electronics, Inc. (Amelex) was founded in 1982 as a high level engineering corporation, supporting the Navy. In November 1987 Amelex opened its office in Patuxent River to provide engineering support services to the Identification Systems Division of the Naval Air Warfare Center. Over the past 30 years, Amelex has evolved into a leading edge small business in the areas of program management, information management, research and development, and hardware and software engineering. In January 2003, Amelex was sold to Dawn Rich and Kim Oliver. These partners have been the management team leading Amelex’s Patuxent River engineering group for over 25 years. Amelex, now a woman-owned small business, has its corporate headquarters at 44423 Airport Road, Suite 102, California, MD with a field office at Charleston Executive Offices, 6650 Rivers Avenue, Charleston, SC and personnel located at various customer locations. Amelex’s operations have grown in both DoD and commercial areas. Our group’s support services are mainly broken into four major areas: Engineering Services, Program Management, Facilities Management, and Information Technology. Amelex has a staff of approximately 175 employees with backgrounds in the areas of Combat Identification, Air Traffic Control, Radar Systems, and Detection and Surveillance Systems, to name a few.

Amelex’s clients include the Navy, Air Force, OSD, NATO, and numerous commercial organizations.

Amelex takes pride in the outstanding reputation we have gained over the past 30 years, for excellent customer service. As a woman-owned small business Amelex continues to provide the exemplary service on which our customers have come to rely.